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After breeding borzoi for more than twenty-five years, a temporary suspension of our working borzoi has arrived. We have strived over the years to be true to what the borzoi was initially bred for. Borzoi were intended to be a hardy breed, built to withstand the rigors of a long hunt in the severe environment of the Russian Steppes, then bring down the prey without damage to either themselves or their prey. This is not to say Rimouski Kennels will disappear without a fight. We are in the process of rebuilding our kennel to our own high standards and we look forward to offering you a working class borzoi in the future. In the mean time please enjoy our history and the hounds of today.



Scottish Deerhound

Ibizan Hound


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Pat & G Bruce Ingram

251101 Rge Rd 271

Rocky View County, AB T1Z 0T8

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Updated March 31, 2024