George "THE" Saluki 

Photo courtesy of Rachelle Descent

History and Size:

The Saluki is of Arabic decent and is one of the oldest known breed of dogs. Originally bred by Arabic Sheiks for bringing down game the breed has remained unchanged for thousands of years. Over the years it has been called many names including "Eastern Greyhound," "Persian Greyhound," "Arabian Gazelle Hound," and "Slughi." The Saluki was never  sold but given as a tribute gift to those the sheikhs considered worthy recipients. It was probably in exchange for favours that the dogs were given to the Crusaders (1095 - 1271) who introduced the breed to Europe.

Either the smooth or feathered coat are acceptable. Dogs should average in height from 23 - 28 inches (58 - 71 cm) with bitches considerably smaller. Further information on the Saluki is available from the Canadian Kennel Club or the American Kennel Club.


Updated: October 14, 2014