Murray of Atholl


Patricia Margaret Ingram (nee: Murray)

Born: January 12, 1950
Married: August 9, 1975
Father: Donald Ferguson Murray
Mother: Mona Catherine Murray (nee: Raskevich)

George Bruce Ingram

Born:  July 9, 1948
Father: George Howard Ingram
Mother: Hermione Patricia Hervery

Patricia Margaret Murray was born in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada and grew up on the family farm southeast of Lethbridge, in the district of McNally.  During her youth, Pat was involved in all aspects of the local 4-H club as well as being a member of the Junior Choir at McKillop United Church. Based on academic performance and other activities, Pat was selected to be part of a youth exchange to Montreal in 1967-our Centennial Year. The group traveled cross-country by train and then were billeted in homes in Montreal. Side trips included Ottawa, Quebec City and of course Expo 67.

After graduating from Kate Andrews High School in Coaldale, Alberta in 1968, Pat attended the University of Lethbridge, graduating with a BA in Geography. Realizing further education would be paramount to attaining an increased lifestyle Pat enrolled in Petroleum Technology at  the Southern Institute of Technology. During her second year Pat majored in Geology and graduated among the top of her class. A diploma was not the only achievement of Pat's tenure at S.A.I.T..  In mid March 1973, Pat met a lad who also was attending S.A.I.T. as a part time student, completing his diploma courses. On August 9, 1975 Pat and Bruce Ingram were married in Lethbridge.

Upon graduation, Pat was offered employment with Hudson Bay Oil and Gas. When her supervisor moved  to Pan Canadian Petroleum, Pat moved with him at his insistence. During the so-called boom time in Calgary jobs could be had just by asking. Pat, on the other hand didn't have to ask, they asked her. But with the boom comes the bust and in 1992 Pan Canadian along with may other petroleum related industries started to downsize. Pat didn't let this stop her in her tracks. Her father and mother had taught her well. "If you fall off it, get back on it." Pat decided to change directions.

In the 1995, Pat started to work with Calgary Co-Op. "Thing happen for a reason and the reason is usually better in the long run. Today I when leave my job at the store when I go home, it doesn't come home with me." Pat is currently a cashier with aspirations of becoming a Supervisor.

Years earlier Pat and Bruce have moved out of the city and back to their county roots. They purchased an acreage East of Calgary and raised a distinctive line of purebred Borzoi. This breeding of purebred dogs has allowed them to travel throughout Europe, the United States and Canada as well as to Australia. One of the activities that they participate in is the sport of lure coursing which attempts to simulate the hunting of game. As a result of her years in the sport, Pat has become a licensed judge traveling throughout Western Canada and the US judging events.

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